Health & Safety

We are currently in a “holding pattern” & not flying BLACK OPS passengers over Sydney due to the current regulations & health guidelines. This includes all direct bookings (via our website) and Adrenaline / Red Balloon gift voucher redemptions.

The MD500E helicopter takes pilot plus 3 passengers that could be three singles all unknown to each other or a couple and a single (also unknown to each other) all within a confined space. The interior of the helicopter would therefore place 4 people (including the pilot) all within 1.5sqm.

To all our outstanding (& new future) passengers waiting to go, we can’t thank you enough for your continued patience and understanding. We really appreciate your support of the business. 

We are registered as a NSW Government Covid safe business and will post updated information when we have a start date for return to flying for BLACK OPS passengers…

Sincerely, Mark Fitzsimmons (Owner/Chief Pilot: BLACK OPS).